• Double action dump/tub locking handle eliminates the need to pull two handles at the same time. Other brands of plaster/mortar mixers have a locking handle separate from the dumping handle which makes it impossible to position your body correctly while pulling the dumping handle to dump the mix out of the tub. With a Canoga double action handle there is less chance of injury to your back.
  • Sled type steel foot plate at the bottom of the front stand carries the weight of the mixer when it is not being towed and provides better support on soft ground. The front and rear edges of the plate are turned up so when towing a mixer, and you enter a driveway approach, if the foot plate happens to drag on the pavement, the sled type foot plate will not dig into the pavement as readily as a flat plate (less chance of damaging the pavement or the mixer). When relocating the mixer on the job site, it makes it easier to push or move the mixer a few inches or feet.
  • Canoga mixers with torsion bar suspension have a spring steel axle and independent suspension for smoother movement over rough highways (less bounce to the mixer, a smoother feel for the driver and vehicle towing the mixer).
  • Canoga concrete mixers offer "flow through gussets" and extra heavy duty mouth reinforcing rings.
  • Removable bowl shafts provide easy access for maintenance and repair.
  • Canoga towable equipment is equipped with special drop-forged 2" ball hitch insert with heavy duty hitch fork.
  • Welded hose ring to hang a hose nozzle so you do not have to pick up the hose from the ground each time (a hose nozzle left on the ground may be accidently stepped on squirting yourself, someone else, or getting your sacks of cement wet).
  • Metal pocket welded to the inside of the motor housing to hold the Owner's Manual & Parts List.